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What is BioGarde™?

BioGarde™ is a treatment that gives textiles anti-microbial properties. Fabric that is treated with BioGarde™ will destroy any germs or bacteria which come into contact with it and will prevent them from breeding and spreading to other surfaces. Bioagrade is 5 x (500%) more effective than anything else on the market.


How does BioGarde™ work?

BioGarde™ uses silver which has natural anti-microbial properties. Silver ions that are embedded into the fabric transmit natural electrical charges that attack the microbes and disrupt cell function which kills them. See How It Works page.


Is BioGarde™ expensive?

No. BioGarde™ uniforms do cost more but only marginally. BioGarde™ however offers important savings. See next answer.


How can BioGarde™ save costs?

BioGarde™ fabrics and uniforms last longer than untreated uniforms because laundering is less harsh and BioGarde™ kills the bacteria that harbour in fabric and cause it to degenerate. Also, laundering BioGarde™ uniforms costs considerably less in terms of energy and water consumption – they do not require harsh chemicals or high temperatures to ensure sanitization. They can also be safely washed at home at 30˚C.


Within the healthcare sector, BioGarde™ also saves valuable resources and patient lives by helping to combat cross-contamination and HAIs (hospital acquired infections).


What are HAIs?

This stands for Hospital  Acquired Infections. Every year in Australia some 7,000 people die from infections picked up in hospitals (50,000 deaths annually in Europe). It is estimated that the figure in New Zealand is approximately 1,369 per year. This doesn’t include those who have suffered and survived infection.


Is BioGarde™ safe?

Yes. BioGarde™ is non-toxic and safe for you and the environment. It has been rigorously tested to ensure it does not cause irritation or sensitization of the skin or present risks to the respiratory system. BioGarde™ is durably bonded to fabric and therefor cannot be inhaled. BioGarde™ has been certified to meet stringent internationally-recognised standards of the Oeko-Tex® Association. (Test report OECD 404 confirms no skin irritation and test report OECD 406 proves that there is no sensitization of the skin. These results are also confirmed by Oeko-Tex® 100 - Class I (safe for babies) to Class IV and Bluesign® approved).


What is the International Oeko-Tex® Association?

Oeko-Tex® is a group of European and Japanese research and test institutions with agencies in 50 countries that is responsible for the testing of harmful substances in textiles. It has created a Standard 100 and issues certificates to verify testing.


Do BioGarde™ fabrics feel different to normal fabrics?

Only in that they stay fresher for longer. The look and feel of the fabric is the same but the uniforms will keep that just-laundered freshness until their next wash. Wearing BioGarde™ uniforms also gives peace of mind: you know that, for its lifetime, the uniform will protect you from microbes.


How do you wash BioGarde™-treated fabrics?

A single wash at 30˚C is sufficient to ensure cleanliness and disinfection. There is no need for high temperatures, bleach or harsh chemicals. Non-treated fabrics are safe to be washed with BioGarde™ fabrics. BioGarde™ does not transfer onto other clothing and can be safely laundered at home with other items.


Is BioGarde™ safe for the environment?

Yes. BioGarde™ is durably bonded and so does not leak into waste water.

BioGarde™ is also ecologically sustainable: BioGarde™ fabrics last longer than untreated fabrics and their laundering/disinfection uses significantly less energy and water. BioGarde™ avoids the need for toxic chemicals to disinfect fabric.  


Is BioGarde™ a nanotechnology?

No. BioGarde™ is neither produced by nanotechnology nor does the particle size of BioGarde™ fit into the nano-range. An independent Institute has certified that BioGarde™ is not a nanosilver-based product. Particle size and partition of BioGarde™ has been measured by “Generic Latex Measurement”. The result confirmed clearly that the particle size of BioGarde™ is out of the nano-range.

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